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Boys PG and Girls PG in Bangalore.

P.G Accommodation facilities are opted mostly by Students and Working Women / Men. If you need Exclusive Bedrooms you pay more. When you share your room with others, you get the best long term price. As the requirements of these students are different from that of a working professional from a Multinational Company, it is difficult for some visiting professional to stay in such a facility. Occupants of a Bangalore PG gets bed, table with chair and a bureaue or Almirah to store his /her belongings. PGs will have bathrooms/toilet for each room.

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Men PG and Women PG Accommodation in Bangalore

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Paying Guest Accommodation in Bangalore

For Tariff details, Please write to us. You can inquire about both Ladies PG as well as Gents Paying Guest Rooms. Email-   Mob: 9845-670576

NestInn Bangalore P G Accommodation

HAL Airport Road Bangalore, Near Maratha Halli and conveniently located from Domlur Circle, Indira Nagar, Koramangala & Whitefield. Visit Nest Inn Bangalore Paying Guest Accommodation.

Abhilash Paying Guest House, Bangalore

Near Vijaya Nagar Main Bus Stop, Bangalore. Visit Abhilash Paying Guest, Bangalore.

PG Accommodation and Service Apartments - How they are Different?

Paying Guest Accommodation Service Apartments
The best thing about Paying Guest Accommodation in Bangalore is price. Some P.G.Accommodation facilites charge unbelievably low monthly rent. As the PGs are let out for long term, Paying Guest business do not have many rooms vacant on any given day. When many members share the same room, the price comes down further. P.G. Accommodations offer only basic amenities. As they dont use luxury furniture etc, intial Capital Investment also is relatively lower for Paying Guest Hostels. Paying Guests are located in lower middle class locations or away from Business Hubs. As a result of this the Real Estate expense (Rent of lease of the building) is relatively low compared to that of a Serviced Apartment Building. Normally, if you spend the daily Rent of a Serviced Apartment, you get a Paying Guest room in Bangalore for one month or two months. Just like in a Hotel, Service Apartments have daily customers. In most of the Service Apartments, 40% to 60% of the Rooms are always vacant. (In some cases, more than 75% of Service Apartments are vacant in the recent times due to slow down.) Even during the time of economic boom, more than 20 to 25% of the Service Apartments rooms in Bangalore were unoccupied. Hence, Service Apartments always charge high tariff to cover this loss. Secondly, luxury furniture are used to furnish Bangalore Service Apartments and initial capital investment is relatively higher. A share of this expense is passed on to each customer. There is a high level of expectation about quality and Service Apartments are very keen to maintain high Standard and the cost goes up. More employees are required to cater to the needs of Service Apartment customers, and over all monthly salary expense is relatively higher. Though, during the initial days, many Service Apartments have got regular supply of customers from some of the IT companies and other Corporate Business, during the last few years, most big Service Apartments are foolishly spending incredibly high amount for marketing their service. Hence Guests staying in a Service Apartment are expected to share this burden and they are charged a premium. Some of the Serviced Apartments in Bangalore selectively charges foreign customers twice or thrice their normal rates.
Paying Guest is usually meant for a period of one month to a few years. Service Apartments are usually booked by Business travelers or Corporate Customers, those who Visit cities for Medical Treatment or some times even by Leisure Tourists and other Visiting Families for a few days, a few weeks or for a few months' period.
Paying Guest Accommodation normally cater to students and working women. These Customers do not expect luxury amenities and services. Serviced Apartments are meant for Business Customers, Corporate guests and in some cases for Family Travelers.
Paying Guest is a place where you can just study, eat and sleep. Many Service Apartments give Business Amenities like Broadband Internet connection, Complimentary Break Fast, Car Rental or other Transportation Arrangement, Airport Pick up and Drop, the Service of a Care Taker etc.
PG accommodation are preferred by students and young unmarried working women and men, they have such an ambience, liked / preferred by students. Service Apartments are normally located in Posh Upper middle Class areas very closer to City Center and Business Establishments especially near Software and BPO Companies. Many Bangalore Serviced Apartments are Residential Flats converted into Guest Accommodation Facilities. They are like any other Luxury Apartment with relaxing ambience and also many of them maintain a professional standard.
Accommodation on sharing basis. In Bangalore Serviced Apartments you get exclusive non-sharing bedrooms or a whole Apartment of Independent 1BHK, 2BHK or 3BHK House.
Bath Room / toilet (some times non-attached) In all Bangalore Service Apartments, you have ensuite Bath rooms and toilets. You can have hot water /cold water shower or some of them even have bath tubs.
Table, chair, bureau- You get basic furnitures. ost Service Apartments in Bangalore are furnished with Luxury and in some cases, imported Furnitures. King Size Beds, Comfortable Sofa Sets, Foam Mattress, Dining area with Stylish Dining Table and Chairs, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave etc are available in most Serviced Apartments.
A common Dining Room where food is served 3 times a day at fixed time. In a Bangalore Service Apartment, you either have exclusive dining room and kitchen or kitchenette. Some large Service Apartments have Separte Restaurant.
A TV in the common area- Often too many people watch it together. In Bangalore Service Apartments, you have TV inside your own Private Bedroom or in your flat.
A geyser in all bath-room to supply hot water.- Running Hot water available. In Serviced Apartments, you have running hot and cold water.
Drinking water. It is very unlikely you get mineral water or purified water In Serviced Apartments you get purified water or bottled drinking water.
Most PGs are located in crowded places close to the cities. There is not enough common area to relax or you can not expect balcony for your bedrooms, as PG facility on most occasions than not, would be run in old type buildings, located in lower-middle-class areas closer to Educational Institutions etc. Paying Guest Facilities are located close to Colleges and educational institutions, some times in lower middle class areas. Homestays are located away from cities in exotic tourist places. Almost all Service Apartments in Bangalore are located close to Multinational Companies and IT Hubs. It is very difficult to find a Bangalore Serviced Apartment away from Central City areas. Recently some of them have opened up on the new Airport Road area (near Bellary Road)
For Large PG facilities, you can expect Security guard at the gate. Mostly illiterate Servants work in PGs to clean the premises. Normally traditional local food is cooked and serviced by a servant. In Serviced Apartments in Bangalore, you have a care taker to attend to your needs. They can help you arranging transportation, Arrange Laundry Service etc.
Some Paying Guest Accommodation follow strict time schedule. Guests are expected to be back home before it is too late. Some Paying Guests gates are locked before it is too late. This is more true about Women PGs. Most of the Bangalore Service Apartments Customers would be busy with their Office Work or Business Activities during the day time. Customers in a Service Apartment some times, may arrive late night or even after midnight after business meetings etc. Most International flights arriving to Bangalore are scheduled during the night time. Hence, just like in a Hotel, Bangalore Service Apartment customers also are not expected to follow any time schedule for arriving or going out of the premises.
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