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Bangalore Call Auto Rickshaw Service

Bangalore call AutoRickshaw Booking, Book autorickshaws online, Presenting Bangalore Easy Auto Booking procedure!!

AutoRickshaw in Bangalore. City Tour Guide Service.

Call AutoRikshaw Service in Bangalore. Feel the quality of service!! Save money on waiting charge.

Book AutoRikshwas over phone-- (91)9036468373 OR 91-9341076622 or Email-- callrickshaw@yahoo.com. Save on waiting charges. Ideal for those who want to attend many business meetings/familiy visits on a single day.
Please understand that Daily Pick up and Drop Service is extremely difficult in Bangalore due to traffic jams at busy hours. We have been getting a lot of calls for this. This service is more suitable for those who want autorikshaws for long hours on a particular day. Also for tourists who want City Guided Tour.

Tariff and Packages:
Auto Rickshaw Charges in Bangalore are revised recently. Now it is Rs. 7/- per kilometer.

K.M/Hours Rate Are you Eligible for reduction for under usage in kilometer ? (Ask for details)
3Hrs/30K.M Rs.210/-
4Hrs/40K.M Rs.280/- -
5Hrs/50K.M Rs.350/- -
6Hrs/60K.M Rs.420/- Yes
7Hrs/70K.M Rs.490/- Yes
8Hrs/80K.M Rs.560/- Yes
9Hrs/90K.M Rs.630/- Yes
10Hrs/100K.M Rs.700/- Yes

Extra kilometer Rs.7/- Extra. No Extra waiting charges if booked as packages.
Contact Rudra Murthy Phone - (91)9036468373 OR 91-9341076622 OR Email-callrickshaw@yahoo.com
Note 1 : The rates given here are non-negotiable and may change from time to time.
Note 2: Rs. 7/- per kilometer is the rate approved by Regional Transport Authority/as per the order by District Commissioner). Night 10 pm to morning 5am, one and half of the meter charge. Minimum usage 2 kilometers.
Note 3: For outside Bangalore City commuting, one and half times of meter charge.
Note 4 : Distance will be calculated from office and back.
Note 5 : If you want to pay according to the meter reading, that is fine with us.
Phone - (91)9036468373 OR 91-9341076622